May 3, 2011

Six Encaustic Paintings in the Works Today -  One Finished

Remembrance, 24x18"

I'm continuing to explore working with color in encaustic, and as always, trying to find the kind of mark making that feels like me, and feels "right."  Working in color in this medium is still new; the shoes aren't broken in yet, but I'm enjoying the process of learning and don't have too many blisters yet.  Continuing to think about how to equate or express emotion with color, line, texture, shape is a good challenge as it is a wide open and neverending pursuit.  As in music, I'm trying to discover the major and minor keys, the harmony and discordance.  But good or bad (results), it's really all good, as I'm learning, learning, learning.  This piece, as with most of my color encaustics done in 2011, have been painted over failed grad work--failed photos, failed encaustics, so it feels really good to be under this piece, but as in the others in which I've worked this way, I let a little bit of the photo peek through.  It continues to be a challenge to photograph finished works or works in progress due to the shiny wax surface, so I'm including some closeups, which I find inspirational for future paintings.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work!I find it profoundly moving and beautiful, though I do not understand the language of color and shape. Gazing at it brings tears to my eyes. Yet it also emits such serenity. The picture seems to be an old wooden door to me--a door leading to the past memories, which could be so many things for different audience. Above all, it creates an artistic world or mood that draws me inside the moment I set my eyes on it.