May 4, 2011

Beginning the Grid

I started this series of drawings about a week ago.  They were a lot of fun and it is freeing returning to abstraction and focusing on sheer emotion.  I get a feeling of turbulence, a tossing and turning, and am happy with my continual state of ambiguity.  Byron thought it could be the sea, or sky, or microscopic.  I like that it is not literal.  These drawings were done with an aquarelle pencil, which needed to be continually sharpened, and played with line in various sections of each grid.  I then used permanent black ink in large areas.  The ink I used was kind of disappointing; not black black, kind of blotchy black.  I need to remember that.  But now that I've started, perhaps I'll stay with it.  We'll see.  The next step was to glue each drawing onto a 10"x10" cradled baltic birch panel, and then layer encaustic medium and then graphite powder.  A little wintergreen oil rescued some of the lights that got too dark.  Lesson learned.

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