December 14, 2010

DISQUIETUDE - a Few Installation Shots

Gallery of Visual Arts, University of Montana, December 2011; Installation shot in Main Gallery

6.9 Billion, 7ftx6ft, fingerprints on resin coated panel

Becky Garner looks for her fingerprint in "6.9 Billion"; fingerprints on 7ftx6ft resin coated panel

Homeland Security, TSA Confiscated Knives and Scissors, 7ftx12ft
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September 28, 2010

DISQUIETUDE (title of thesis exhibition)

Disquietude explores the wide range of psychological, social and global ramifications of living in the age of terrorism.  The unifying thread that ties the work together is an ambiguity in each piece, which provides a safe haven for each viewer to consider and reflect upon the many emotions and repercussions of terrorism, before, during and after it has happened.  The imagery represents the duality we must face in today's climate; life vs. death, security vs. vulnerability, anxiety vs. peace, hope vs. despair.  Combining photography, printmaking, encaustic and installation, my aim is to allow a multi-faceted approach to the many ways we interpret the status of our well-being at any given time, amidst a constant barrage of media referencing the last, current or impending attack from terrorists, at home or abroad.
     The past two and one half years have allowed me to home in on perhaps one of the most important challenges of my own life, dealing with death, trauma, and pain, and discovering the beauty that lies beyond.  Terrorism has become a metaphor for me personally, as it represents horrors in unspeakable forms, which leave behind a plethora of darkness, psychological fallout and death on many levels, in this case individually and worldwide.  What ultimately gives us hope and the will to persevere is the human spirit and the contemplation of what may lie beyond.

September 20, 2010

6.9 Billion--almost finished!

The two 7' 6" panels have been bolted together and this piece is almost finished.  What remains are prints from a few more participants, and making sure the two sides are balanced.

September 19, 2010

"6.9 Billion" - in the making...

Over 25 people helped make these two panels, each 4' (ht) by 14' (width)
when bolted together end to end.  The plywood surface was coated with
four coats of gesso (regular and sandable), and the fingerprints were each
placed on the surface using archival, permanent ink.

After the resin is mixed (two-part resin),  I have about 20 minutes to mix,
pour, smooth out (with spatula) and torch with butane over the entire surface
to remove bubble that rise to the top when heated.  I then wait overnite to
knock back the shine with steel wool (0000 grade).  Once both panels
are sanded to a satin finish, more fingerprints will be added to balance the
two sides.

It's a long reach with the butane torch.

September 13, 2010

Non-thesis encaustic work:

Empathy (tentative title), 30x20", Encaustic, oil

             Undertow (tentative title), 24x18", encaustic, oil

August 16, 2010

Experimenting with Mezzotint

The fingerprint print came from my first mezzotint plate (not sure I rocked it long enough); the second image is of just the copper plate with ink, as the plate isn't finished yet.

August 6, 2010

Peace cranes; many more to go!

Experimenting with Mezzotint-here's the plate

July 24, 2010

July 2010 - Photopolymer Etchings, etc.

                                  "Currents", 4x5", 
                                   Photopolymer Etching

"TORN", Photopolymer Etching, 4x5"

"Tokyo Metro", (incomplete), Photopolymer Etching

"Black Rain", Photopolymer Etching, 3x5"


The following will be a sequence of images projected from inside a semi-transparent backpack

July 2010 - Chromosomes

Chromosome 4-burnt vellum layers
Chromosome 5 - burnt vellum layers
Truncated #4-burnt vellum
Chromosome 13-burnt vellum layers

If all goes well and as planned (hoped for), the above chromosome pieces (sizes 5x5" or smaller) will be part of a large installation of about 30-40+ hanging pieces, backlit. Most chromosome images will be sandwiched between thick plexi, but others may hang freely. The pieces will be of varying sizes as well.

April 15, 2010

Pyre 1, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Ticket, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Remnant, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Passport, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Untimely, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Knifepoint, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Until Death, 47x35 (Tentative Title)     

Demise, 35x47 (Tentative Title)

Run, 47x35 (Tentative Title)