July 24, 2010

July 2010 - Photopolymer Etchings, etc.

                                  "Currents", 4x5", 
                                   Photopolymer Etching

"TORN", Photopolymer Etching, 4x5"

"Tokyo Metro", (incomplete), Photopolymer Etching

"Black Rain", Photopolymer Etching, 3x5"


The following will be a sequence of images projected from inside a semi-transparent backpack

July 2010 - Chromosomes

Chromosome 4-burnt vellum layers
Chromosome 5 - burnt vellum layers
Truncated #4-burnt vellum
Chromosome 13-burnt vellum layers

If all goes well and as planned (hoped for), the above chromosome pieces (sizes 5x5" or smaller) will be part of a large installation of about 30-40+ hanging pieces, backlit. Most chromosome images will be sandwiched between thick plexi, but others may hang freely. The pieces will be of varying sizes as well.