September 19, 2010

"6.9 Billion" - in the making...

Over 25 people helped make these two panels, each 4' (ht) by 14' (width)
when bolted together end to end.  The plywood surface was coated with
four coats of gesso (regular and sandable), and the fingerprints were each
placed on the surface using archival, permanent ink.

After the resin is mixed (two-part resin),  I have about 20 minutes to mix,
pour, smooth out (with spatula) and torch with butane over the entire surface
to remove bubble that rise to the top when heated.  I then wait overnite to
knock back the shine with steel wool (0000 grade).  Once both panels
are sanded to a satin finish, more fingerprints will be added to balance the
two sides.

It's a long reach with the butane torch.

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  1. Pamela, this is extremely exciting and gigantic. I really enjoyed this blog post. Congratulations on your new work.