April 15, 2010

Pyre 1, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Ticket, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Remnant, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Passport, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Untimely, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Knifepoint, 47x35 (Tentative Title)

Until Death, 47x35 (Tentative Title)     

Demise, 35x47 (Tentative Title)

Run, 47x35 (Tentative Title)


  1. Adjectives that I would use to describe these new works of Pam's are - stunning, lovely, alarming, ephemeral, poignant, timely, dramatic, ethereal, time-less, delicate, brutal, perfect!!

  2. I'm really moved by your pieces Passport and Knife Point. I feel an emotional connection to them that is both a rush of relief and peacefully sad. Absolutely beautiful!